Thursday, May 31, 2012

Murud Monday...contd

The meditation in the water gave us a lot of rest. In no mood to take bath and get into clothes, we had hot upma, which was terribly dry, and owing to the amount of salty water that passed our tongue, it did not taste good at all.

After that chota recharge we were ready for a game of flying disc. The power and balance of our wrists was put to test. I realized that different sports bring out different aspects of one's personality and its so necessary. The current generation kids are completely missing out on this.

Just before the game we did a running race in knee deep waters. Rohit Ranjan, Deep, Deepak, Pramod and me; guess what? 2 of them fell down and I came first. This is our YES!+ youth from
metros in their early 20s! This is not it, later we had a 100m (might have been 80meters) sprint. No chocolates for guessing that I, a man who has entered his 40s, came first!!!

Now I don't know whether the credit goes to 15 years of Sudarshan Kriya and Padmasadhana or it was a mischief played by junk food and internet addiction!

And then came the best part - Padmasadhana on the beach in shorts. What a feeling it was to feel the sand on arms, legs, stomach chest, face. Had never felt such intimacy with the earth, to some extent like a foreplay! With the rhythmic sound of the waves in the background the Hari Om meditation was magical. Man, how would it be doing Hollow-n-Empty on the beach?

More might follow in the next post :-)


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Bhavna Bissoondeeal said...

please rewind that time...i also want to be part of these days :) :)..