Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Full Moon Satsang @ Ashram with SriSri

As HE arrived the beats and claps on Guru Om, Guru Om, ...became louder, even before he had come onto the stage. How such energy can exude from a 5ft5inch body has always amazed me. As Sri Sri says, 'experiencing the infinite in this finite body is the purpose of human birth.' HE rightly lives it to the tee and has enabled millions to have the same experience.

Mani bhaiya's Shiv Raja Maheshwara in a high pitched and upbeat tone was complementing Guruji's silent pose with eyes closed. Just couldn't take eyes off HIM.

Like a rose essence that spreads itself in a glass of milk, Chitra didi's rendition of Rom Rom me Om Om hai...sublimely melted itself in the sweet aura created in the entire amphitheater by Guruji's divine presence.

When HE opened his eyes it felt like mother nature had opened the doors of its warm heart to welcome all of us in.

HE conducted the Full Moon Meditation, it was very short, I wondered why? But when HE asked us the crowd, "did you realize it was 18 minutes", I continued wondering how easily HE takes thousands beyond the dimension of time and space...so GRACEfully!



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