Friday, June 8, 2012

Satsang with SriSri Fri 8th June 2012

As I walked by the Ganga kutir, on my way to Yagyashala for satsang I came to know that Guruji is not in the ashram and will come late to the satsang. Like a over-ripe fruit drops from the tree my enthusiasm went down in a moment.

I met a few friends on the way and they wanted share something with me but I was just not interested. I dragged myself towards the Yagyashala. When I reached Guruji's car arrived and the rocket we light in Diwali in bottles, which goes up when ignited, my enthusiasm shot up in a moment, the smile expanded and I felt so energized and happy.

Was this prana going down first and then up or was it just an emotion or a past pattern or something else?



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