Thursday, August 29, 2013

AshramSnippets - 290813 - RadhaKunj

The way a person responds to the different stimuli he is exposed to, largely determines his growth. So this means, that the quality of stimuli, their diversity and intensity, definitely matter a lot. For example, when you are playing badminton against a tough opponent, there are better chances of improvement in the quality of your game as compared to playing against a weak opponent.

Today while sitting in Radha Kunj and blankly gazing at the lake, its waters shimmering with the scattered reflection of the sun, as I was feeling the breeze caress my cheeks and hair, my mind went into a subtle ecstasy. 

The pandits were chanting and performing the Sudarshan Homa, sitting around the HavanKund, just overseeing the lake. People who were lucky enough to have reached there, had taken their best positions, were eagerly waiting for the Master's arrival, very few were in the present moment, the mind instead of being offered in the agni, was busy calculating the best way to capture the Master's glimpse, either in the lens of the eye or that of the camera.

Serenity, devotion, longing and anticipation were mixing their soothing colors on the sometimes caught up and sometimes expanded canvas of the mind.

From time to time I was becoming a witness to these beautiful happenings and feeling lucky and blessed to be there. I felt so fortunate, that I was, by the grace of my Guru, being subjected to such highly evolved and culturally refined stimuli, impreganted with divinity manifest in the Purush and Prakriti both.

Jai Gurudev