Friday, September 4, 2009

Blessed with a jet of Satva

The airport, spread over 4000 acres, can handle 11 million people per annum with 27 aircraft movements per hour and an estimated 550 movements in May 2008. At its peak, it can handle 720 aircraft movements in a day.

You are right, its the new Bengaluru Airport.

Well, after a rejuvenating TRM with 1000 teachers from all over the country and of course Guruji, I checked in at 12 noon at counter 2 (you can see in the pic above) for my 1.00 pm Mumbai Indigo flight and sat on the bench exactly opposite (you obviously cant see in the pic) and after some amount of calculation, speculation and haa-naa haa-naa, finally did my Short Sudarshan Kriya.

I must admit, I was very concious, especially while doing the Bhastrika. Thoughts like 'what if someone objects?', 'if some passenger waiting besides me complaints then what?', 'what if some security guy actually comes up to me and stops me?'; and to counter these thoughts, phrases like 'Dont be a football...', 'who cares', 'SoHam SoWhat', 'I am not harming anybody', 'let me do what I feel is right' etc were going like a merry-go-round in my mind. Till when I chanted Om and the chattering stopped as I went into kriya.

A thought that really helped was, "if young couples hugging and cuddling is not objectionable then why cant I do pranayam and kriya?"

And what hit the final nail in the coffin was, "on the other hand I am only blessing the airport with more satva" and that triggered in me, not only total acceptance, but also a sense of righteousness and pride.

Within moments, peace dawned and the smile that took off from the lips, spearheaded through the cheeks, transcended the ears and soared into higher levels of my (inner) atmosphere.

My Guru got me Baptized!!

Om Keshavaya Namaha

Om Madhavaya Namaha

Om Narayanaya Namaha

Om Govindaya Swaha

A highly pious. serene and sacred experience which left @ 30 of us in total gratitude for the Master.

27 Aug 2009 was that auspicious day. The beautiful Radha Kunj Yagya place in the ashram in Bangalore witnessed 30 of us being initiated into Brahminhood. We now have official rights for chanting the Gayatri Mantra Japa Vandana, wearing the sacred thread and reading the Vedas (or Knowledge sheets as Rashmin puts it )

Well, the above pic may leave you completely confused about what must have been happenning when this pic was taken, bcoz no two expressions are alike! Looks like all of them are wondering, what was the purpose of this 3 hour long process?

Traditonally, when a child had to start his education, the Upanayan ceremony would be performed. This ceremony used to be of paramount importance, next only to marriage, as it was his marriage with knowledge.
His parents would initiate him and only then he could be admitted to a GuruKul and entrusted in the care of the Guru.
And only the Guru can unite (marry) you with yourSELF
For more pics, check out the slideshow on the blog (just below my schedule)