Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is YES!+?

Where Silence meets Dynamism &
Knowledge meets Fun...
that is YES!+

Where Passion meets Focus &
Risk meets Faith...
that is YES!+

Where Simplicity meets Excellence &
Adventure meets Talent...
that is YES!+

Where Surrender meets Responsibility &
Contentment meets Creativity...
that is YES!+

Where skills are Nurtured &
the Being is Empowered...
that is YES!+

Where the Heart Cares &
the Spirit Shares...
that is YES!+

Where the Teacher is a Friend &
Wisdom is the Bond...
that is YES!+

Where the Mantra is Meditation &
Sharing is a Celebration...
that is YES!+

Where Love for Self extends into Service to the Other &
Dreams become a Reality...
that is YES!+

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Diving Deeper n deeper...

The Hamburg Part1 course for repeaters from Oct 14 to 18th was very special. I realized that when the students are good sadhaks, the teachers experience goes deeper, and the teachers job becomes easy.

The knowledge was opening veil after veil and tickling the conciousness of the people as they went more and more in awe of it.

Discovered two new games which were absolute fun and offered wonderful insight into the mind.

The meditations used to be so deep, nobody would want to open their eyes, even after it was over. On the last day, after the aura meditation, it was spellbound, the silence was speaking something so profound and blissful, love and gratitude could be heard and grace could be felt like a fragrance in every breath.

I experienced effortlessness of doing and hollow and emptiness of the being.

Love, prayers and gratitude

Yours, in service


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Snapshots - Oct 2010

Thats the Afghan Hindu Temple in Rotenburgsort in Hamburg where we had the magical satsang on the 6th night of Navratri.

This is a small place of worship in the Vietnamese restaurant we visited for dinner yesterday evening

An amazing musical instrument. The guy is just rotating a pulley and the instrument gives out decent music. This is how he earns some money.

Now, this is total let go, surrender, almost like samadhi!
Divij, the son of Gaurav and Rutika Garg, who were doing the YES!+ course in Dusseldorf last week. 

When 100% naughtiness is mixed with 100% innocence and 100% belongingness what you get is Sweetness: Abhijit and Aditya, sons of Shailaja and Deepak Patil in whose house I stayed in Berlin for a couple of days.

And these are angels from the house of Rashmi and Anil Ahluwalia, a very sweet and divine couple who belong to one of the very affluent business families from Dusseldorf. These angels are wishing you Shanti Rastu, Pushti Rastu, Tushti Rastu. May you be blessed with peace, health and contentment.

Happy Dassera


PS: A wonderful group of 12 people are doing a Part 1 Refresher course in Hamburg. The course is getting more and more powerful every hour, love is in abundance and the grace is being felt every moment. They are doing a process as I am typing this. more later...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guru presence in Afghan Hindu Temple, Hamburg

Finally now I feel part of the Navratri Celebrations!

We were invited to the Afghan Hindu temple in Hamburg where I taught a Part 1 course 3 weeks ago. The 6th night of Navratri, Wednesday, Oct 13, was a Jagran at the temple.

We reached at 1130 pm and wanted to leave by 12. We met the main organizers and waited for our turn to sing a bhajan, Krishi was to accompany me on the guitar. We waited and waited, the mind began to get impatient and irritation crept in. We were told to wait more as the guy who was singing wasn't stopping at all. It was now 1am.

I became aware of the impatience and remembered Guruji's words: "Waiting can lead to frustration or waiting can lead to meditation. Waiting for eternity is samadhi." So I just dropped the irritation and decided to let go in the present moment. Within a few minutes we were told to sing :-). The singing team who had to take a break in order to allow us, reluctantly agreed.

Durge durge durge jai jai ma aa aa,
Kali kapalini ma aa aa, Jagadoddharini Ma,
Devi jai jai jai jai ma aa aa....

When the bhajan went to high scales, I could feel the energy in me rise, as though some extra energy and power was being supplied from somewhere. Before our bhajan people were chit chatting, from the 150 odd people there, very few were singing or even listening, and now I could feel, with my eyes closed, (I could barely keep my eyes open), that all were singing and totally charged.

As the bhajan got over few people shouted, 'ek aur ek aur'. The leader of the singing team behind me now requested me to sing one more. :-) (Everything changes)

Mata Bhavani Maheshwari, mata bhavani parmeshwari...

Both bhajans rocked, people enjoyed, organisers were pleasantly surprised and what was my state?: well as usual I was profusely sweating..:-) :-)

Its 255 am now and as I type this I can still feel the energy.

As I logged in to facebook on returning home, what do I get to read?: "This whole world is made of the 'devi chetna'. We have to raise this 'chetna' and experience it too." - Sri Sri's words today, a few hours before the above experience.

Thanks Guruji for raising my chetana and allowing me to experience it too.

Jai Gurudev