Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goals v/s Needs

10 pm Sat, 28 Feb' 09

Its the last evening before the THE MARCH - Against Corruption & Terrorism, 2 pm Sunday, 1st Mar'09, Parliament Street, Delhi.

I was figuring out a good method of SMSing a few thousand people database that we now have, as registered entries for the event tomorrow. I called up Shiv, a good friend of mine, who works for Sumeru Software and is an Art Excel teacher in Bangalore, to find out some options. He didnt answer my call, and I realised, the bugger must be enjoying satsang in the ashram with Guruji. My work was important and urgent, and so I was disappointed that Shiv was in satsang when I needed his help.

Very soon Shiv called back. Even before discussing work, I first asked him what did Guruji say? Shiv said he was in satsang for just 10 min. Guruji had returned from a function in the city to felicitate octogenerians and nonagenarians. A 95 year old man gave a speech in a clear strong voice. Another 87 year old person spoke and so on...All these 80+ and 90+ men were absoultely fit physically.

Guruji, in the satsang made a very interesting observation, in the times when these (the guys who were being felicitated) people were young, @ 60 years ago, people had big goals and minimal needs. Nowadays, people have very high needs and small goals, hence the suffering.

Right since the moment I had asked Shiv, what did Guruji say, there was a big smile on my face, and as he described, I felt more and more rejuvenated...and Gurujis statement about goals and needs brought out an 'Aho Niranjano' from within me.

So the key is to have big goals and mimimal needs!
I was happy Shiv was in the satsang when I had called him. :-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nice quotes

We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing.

We make a Living by what we get. We make a Life by what we give.

God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.

If God
brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

PARTICIPATE in joy and be a WITNESS to suffering

Elaborated here


Divine Valentine

Excerpts from Guruji's Valentine's day message (Kolkata Feb 14th, 2009):

"Make God your Valentine. You will never be ditched, deceived or deprived.”

The world is so distraught because of the absence of love.
Even if there is love, the problem exists. Because, there is wrong expression of it.

Love without wisdom (gyan) can also bring trouble.
If love comes with wisdom, there will be joy, satisfaction and benediction.

||Jai Gurudev||

Mr. Zero ban gaya Hero

Happiness keeps you sweet, Trials make you strong.
Sorrow keeps you human, Failures make you humble.
Success keeps you glowing, but only Faith & Attitude Keep you going...

And what can faith and attitude do to you...?

Well, it did a lot to Obama.

Obama, 21 years ago in his grandmas place:

and his chair today:

Now that's inspiring!

Satva Badhao!

I missed a date with the divine Rishi Vidyadharji. I am a fan of his discipline, clarity and ease. He is awesome.

To get a taste of what I missed, see 'Rishi Vidyadharji - Uthte Baithte'

The Magic of Satsang - Ch 1

I still remember the first few times I went to satsang, after completing my first Art of Living course in Nov'97; my teacher (Dinesh Nair) would nudge and coax me to sing and clap. Then I would start singing and clapping, as though I was being punished, out of an obligation towards my teacher, I would participate and get thoroughly bored and shocked at the same time, looking at other people sway to their own singing, which was out of key and rhythm and very far from being melodious.

And today, for me, satsang is an inseparable part of not just my life, but of my very existence. Its too profound for words to describe. This and the next few posts in the series titled 'The Magic of Satsang' I will be attempting to translate and convey my understanding and experiences of Satsang.

Less than one hour ago, I read what the great Sage Vasistha had to say about satsang, in his dialogue with Lord Sri Rama, popularly known as 'The Yoga Vasistha'.

Excerpted from pg 30 of 'The Supreme Yoga - Yoga Vasistha' by Swami Venkateshananda

"...Satsanga (company of wise, holy and enlightened persons) is yet another gatekeeper to liberation. Satsanga enlarges one's intelligence, destroys one's ignorance and one's psychological distress. Whatever be the cost, however difficult it may be, whatever obstacles may stand in its way, satsanga should never be neglected. For, satsanga alone is one's light on the path of life.

Satsanga is indeed superior to all other forms of religious practices like charity, austerity, pilgrimage and the performance of religious rights.

One should by every means in one's power adore and serve the holy men who have realized the truth and in whose heart the darkness of ignorance has been dispelled. They, on the other hand, who treat such holy men disrespectfully, surely invite great suffering..."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kishore Kumar gives YES!+ Intro Talk in IIT Delhi

We were campaigning for YES!+ in IIT Delhi. Around 5 pm we took a break, sat to have maggi and biscuits at a Nescafe joint. And grace manifested as a spontaneous musical message. Of course its a very old famous Bollywood number (originally sung by Kishore Kumar), but the adaptation turned out just perfect!

Watch it here: JHUMROO TALKS